about hulamin extrusions

Hulamin Extrusions, formerly known as Hulett-Hydro Extrusions, is South Africa's leading extruder. Operating out of plants in Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg, with a regional office in Cape Town, the company has 40 years experience in developing and servicing the South African market and exporting to customers around the world.

In April 2007, Hulett Aluminium changed its name to Hulamin, and as a result Hulett-Hydro Extrusions changed its name to Hulamin Extrusions. In 2008 Hulamin purchased the remaining shares held by Hydro Aluminium Extrusions.

Hulamin Extrusion's mission is to consolidate its position as sub-Saharan Africa's leading extruder with an ongoing strategy to develop the local market for aluminium extrusions.


The Hulamin Extrusions plants operate a quality system approved to ISO 9001:2008 which allows quality management throughout the production process. Our laboratory facility conducts spectrographic analysis of all material produced, tensile testing of finished products, ultrasonic testing, etc.

Extruded profiles are produced to the tolerances indicated in our data book. The manufacturing tolerances are those of BS EN 755:1997. Manufacturing to tolerances such as DIN is also possible upon request.

Anodised products are produced to SABS 999 and SABS 1407 requirements.

Standard Profile Catalogue

A list of thousands of standard profiles including angles, channels, rods, tubes, flat bars, square bars, hexagonal bars, rectangular hollows, rectangular oval hollows, square hollows, I-sections, Tees and Z-sections.

Download the Standard Profile catalogue


Data Book

An indispensible guide to aluminium extrusions, alloys and tolerances.

Download the Data Book